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So I’ve moved my blog [ here ~ > milarca ]. I needed a bit of a fresh start and this’ll allow me to start posting more of what I want without putting off anyone who’s just followed me - If you are new, you’re free to follow me on my new blog or not~ And to any of my long-time followers, you’re free to follow me again as well of course (please do ;), but this will give anyone a chance to unfollow me without thinking they’re being offensive or whatnot (because even if you do, you’re not; tastes change and obviously not everybody loves everything). 

Anyway, I will be keeping this blog here for archival purposes, but I highly doubt I’ll be using it anymore. 


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whoa yes this ♥

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#am I the only one who thought he meant not having a home instead of not having the tessaract





my biggest problem right now is that i want to vote for obama but i’m european

or canadian

“If you’re uncertain in your affection and in their affection for you, you can so easily be turned and possessed by the green-eyed monster of jealousy, which eats you up and ultimately destroys the love that was there in the first place”. Tom Hiddleston

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One season of how to make a successful comic book-style television show, followed by three seasons of monstrous fuck ups.

Actually it’s more like one season that gets inflated to be a ~perfect thing~ even though the same bullshit characters who would go on to have pointless story-lines in future seasons existed then too. If you actually watch the show with your head out of your ass, there are characters who have excellent arcs through the five volumes. It was a show that was never meant to be huge—this was a cult show that got screwed by mainstream attention. It was supposed to be its own thing in its own world for a while then go away like so many other cult shows. Also anyone who thinks that this show isn’t a perfect representation of how comic books are can go fuck themselves with something sharp and rusty. Many comics are notorious for the all the shit that Heroes got in its run. Losing of powers, unpopular romance arcs, bad pacing, nobody ever really dying, one character getting all the attention while others flounder—yeah sorry that’s what so many comic books have suffered through as well. Mistakes were made but I’m fucking sick of everyone under the sun bashing this show. Like it or don’t, stay the fuck out of the conversation if others do because there’s actually something to like about every volume. The fact that most of the ‘fandom’ is made up of people that like to talk shit about the show is the very reason why it will never have a fan movement like other things do. 

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“how to ruin a good song by listening to it on repeat for 4 days straight” a book written by me

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You are a fan of Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes), Christian Borle (Smash) or Bill Heck (Pan Am)? Do you love theatre? Do you wanna see the amazing play “Angels in America” by Tony Kushner on DVD?

Please sign this petition to ask the Signature Theatre Company for a DVD release of the off-Broadway production 2010/2011. I know the chances are minimal, but we´ll never know, if we don´t try.


[tip: If you wanna stay anon, just uncheck the little box (down right) and your name will not be visible on the public list.]

Hey cool =) I kinda doubt this’ll get anywhere.. but I hope it does because I’d love to see the play ^^

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they are so awesome together :’) 

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Oh, this reminds me of horror movies, but also of the stillness and quiet of Autumn. Utter loneliness, or solitude, and warm, soft grass.

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His breath was warm on her neck as he bent his head, resting his cheek against her hair. Her heart beat so quickly, and yet she felt utterly calm—as if she could have stayed there forever and not minded, stayed there forever and let the world fall apart around them.
— Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass
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